Zain Daily Internet Package – Daily Unlimited

There are Two Zain Daily Internet Packages. The First One is 5oMB Daily In 1.5 SAR. And The Second One is Daily Unlimited Internet Data in 11 SAR. If you want an internet package every day. Zain Company has introduced an internet package that you get at a very low price but the amount of internet data it contains is Short. This package is very useful for you if you want to open anything above the timeline or want to see a password from social media or download one of the pictures from the internet.

Zain Another Daily Internet package In 11 SAR with Unlimited Data no limit. The Package is very useful Download movies and watches online favorite shows and etc.

Zain Daily Unlimited Internet package if you want to activate on your sim. Because Zain company yet has no launch Zain unlimited internet for one day. Zain Unlimited daily internet is available you can activate by Typing DUL and send it to 959.


Price (SAR)


                             Unlimited Data


24 Hours
  • How to Activate Zain Daily unlimited Internet          DUL     Send to 959
  • How to Deactivate Zain Daily unlimited Internet    DDUL   Send to  959
  • Auto-renewal Cancellation code                                  CDUL   Send to 959

Too much of an Internet package is not beneficial to you because it gives you access to which you can and cannot download some movies. If you want to watch a big movie or video on YouTube then this package will not be perfect for you as it gives you some MB which is very rare.

Zain Daily internet packages Code

If you are looking for more internet, then Weekly & monthly Internet package. Especially Zain Monthly unlimited package is very popular in Saudi Arabia. And you can also share this package with your friends. And you can use it for business too. So what Zain is giving you is a one-day package, we will tell you in detail below.

Data Volume

Price (SAR)


50 MB


1 Day

  • For Subscribe 50 MB  Internet packages Send D50 To 959.
  • For Unsubscribe 50 MB internet packages CA50M To 959.
  • For Check, Package Status Send BC To 959.

Zain Internet Package 50 GB

This Packages 3 month Internet package.

Data Volume

Price (SAR)




3 Month

  • For Subscribe50GB  Internet, packages Send Text message 50GB To 959.
  • For Unsubscribe 50GB  packages Text message Send CA50G To 959.
  • For Check, Package Status Send BC To 959.

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