Zain To Zain Balance Transfer Saudi Arabia Code

You live in Saudi Arabia and use Zain SIM. if you want to share your own balance with a friend or your family member. We will tell you a good And easy method. It will allow you to easily transfer your Zain balance to any other Zain number. So this article Must read carefully before taking any Actions.

Zain to Zain Balance Transfer

Today In this article we discuss 3 easy steps. To transfer zain balance to zain other numbers.

  • The first step is to send SMS to 702702 including this message
  • 2nd Step is type in the message box  type  BT – space- Then type mobile number to transfer balance – space-The Enter Amount
  • For example, {  BT 92######## 50 }

Zain Rules for Sharing Balance

  • Prepaid balance cannot be transferred
  • The zain Customer will receive  Halalah 50 per transfer to any zain Transfer
  • one the balance transferred it cannot be back
  • A confirmation message receive both sender and receiver
  • All bonus credit cannot be transferred
  • the received balance you cannot again send to anyone just use.

Mobily To Mobily Balance Transfer Code

if you are a mobile sims users and want to share your balance with anyone. Just follow the simple method you will successfully transfer Mobiley balance to Mobily network.

  • first of All dial-in your Mobile *123#
  • Press the Call button you will Option to enter a mobile number to transfer a balance and the next option is to enter the amount you to transfer.
  • then finally The receiver receives a confirmation message from 611311. Enter your ID number to complete their transaction successfully.

STC To STC balance load Transfer Code

If you use STC Saudi Telecommunications Company Sim. And you want to share the balance with my other friend. STC To STC balance transfer code. And Stc to STC free call code and new STC are live in Saudi Arabia and want to share STC to STC balance transfer in Kuwait it’s very easy to like In Saudi Arabia. so here a simple code type on your mobile and send money to any STC number or share balance. very easy just follow these all instructions.

  • Send a message to 1500 And message type *133* Type Number #*Amount#
  • for example *133*059#######*30# Send to 1500

The receiver when receiving a message from the sender to his money. Then he writes the simple text message *133* iqama id Number And sends it to 1500

  • For example : *133*246…………# send it to 1500


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